Our Mission

Dan Mooney Foundation Corporation Mission:

It is the mission of the Dan Mooney Foundation to give back and be a mainstay within all sectors of the community. The Foundation’s primary purpose will be to educate and empower our youth with confidence, commitment, and integrity, allowing them to become leaders in our communities. The goal is to teach young athletes through basketball to respect their parents, peers, coaches, and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on teamwork, responsibility, honesty, and respect.

Together our youth, families, and community will work with humble spirits to cultivate a safe and disciplined environment so that every member can reach their full potential, develop their skills and become successful contributors to the community. The Foundation will utilize the game of basketball to inspire our youth and support members of our community.

Our Philosophy:

Dan Mooney Foundation Corporation Philosophy:

  • Encourage all participants and members to work hard and dream big
  • Emphasize the importance of teamwork 
  • Show unconditional love for all members
  • Give youth the opportunity to participate in a positive environment 
  • There is no "I" in team, and being able to trust your teammates
  • Keep member welfare first and free of undue pressure from coaches or parents
  • Practice the ideas of discipline, health, dedication, and respect
  • Providing mentors so participants can stay on track with their goals
  • Keep in mind to "ALWAYS HAVE FUN WITH WHAT YOU DO."